About me

My name is Pasi Salenius.

I build apps as a hobby and break them for living.

I currently work at WithSecure as a security consultant. My main passion is in mobile app security, having routinely assessed multiple iOS and Android apps for their exposure to attacks. Many of these apps are widely used in Finland, for netbanking, mobile payments and secure authentication.

My daily work also revolves around hacking web applications, securing cloud infrastructure, auditing server platforms, secure coding related trainings and cooking up pentesting related tools. I just love to think of new ways to speed up and automatize web app testing.

In my spare time I have an affection for coding iOS and Mac apps in the Swift programming language. I have been cranking out Swift code since the early public releases, and I’m still very much enjoying it. Currently, Go1 feels like a nice counterpart for server side API development.

Find me on Mastodon and GitHub

  1. This Hugo website is also based in Go. ↩︎