Realtime transit guide for iOS
App Store link Transporter is a realtime journey planner and timetable pocket guide for iOS. It’s based on the new platform, the same one that the new Helsinki region journey planner uses as backend API. A true realtime journey planner cannot rely on just static timetable information. Instead, Transporter keeps the displayed routes and timetables up to date with realtime data from the Digitransit API. For example, departure times reflect recent traffic changes in a matter of seconds.


A simple Yle Areena player for Mac and Apple TV.
AreenaX for Mac AreenaX is a little Yle Areena player for the Mac. It’s made possible by the Yle API, that is freely available to all developers. All media playback is done natively by OS X with hardware acceleration so Adobe Flash is not required. Programs can be beamed to an Apple TV over AirPlay. Just for fun included are some video filtering options like contrast, brightness and saturation, with a gamma correction slider.