Proxygen is a capable HTTP proxy tool for iPhone, iPad and Mac. Log all HTTPS traffic from your iOS device, inspect requests and responses, and save important project data in documents.

Maptrails is a map browser for iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple Watch. Plan and record your trails and take them wherever you go. It integrates the best topographic maps to native iOS platform features.

Beacon is a small utility that turns any supported device to a GPS tracker. Install the Beacon app to the device you want to track, pair it with the Maptrails app, and then monitor its position on the map.

Teletext is a news reader for Apple Watch. It displays teletext pages from Finnish Yle and MTV channels. Yes, In Finland, teletext is still very much a thing.

Transporter is a realtime public transit journey planner and timetable pocket guide for iOS. It's based on the new platform, same one that the Finnish journey planner uses as backend API.

AreenaX was a simple Yle Areena player for Mac and Apple TV. It was made possible by a public developer API that was ultimately closed in early 2021. This meant the end for this little app.