Native feel on all devices

From the very beginning, the app was built for both iPhone and iPad and to scale well to screens of any size. At the same time, a key focus was to bring in animation and intuitive touch interaction to all elements on the screen. iOS app design has taken huge leaps forward in recent years and Kartasto strives to look modern on all supported platforms. Things like iOS dark mode, iCloud sync and iPad keyboard support are a given.

Open maps for free

A large collection of maps from open data sources is included for free. Kartasto doesn’t require additional in-app purchases or paid subscriptions to access any of the maps that use data from open APIs. This is also a requirement for some open maps, like OpenStreetMap.

Preconfigured maps include

Map widget

Kartasto has an iOS 14 map widget, which brings your favourite map right in the device home screen. The widget updates your location in the background and prefetches map images, so the map can show your nearby area the instant you glance at it.

Although the map can’t be interactive, the widget does have a shortcut to quickly save your current position in Kartasto.

Apple Watch map

Kartasto app for Apple Watch imagines a simplified version of the main app, one that you can use on your wrist with a few taps. The app initially focuses to your location, but smoothly scrolls around with a swipe of the finger and zooms in using the crown.

To be frank, making a map like this is definitely not something the watchOS APIs are designed for (at least today). The Kartasto watch app was built from scratch in SwiftUI, but still manages to look and feel almost like its big brother on iOS.

Record workouts

Kartasto Pro in-app purchase unlocks full functionality of the app including

User privacy

It should come as no surprise that the app has no ads or external analytics. Your data should stay private.

While there are many third party services that bring nice functionality, seemingly free, their business model usually relies on monetising user data in some manner. Making matters worse, those users are mostly in the dark that this is happening at all.

Kartasto only measures aggregate app usage figures with Apple’s App Analytics, built right into the iOS platform.