Privacy Policy

This policy applies to the Kartasto map browser.

Information we collect

Kartasto app does not collect any user information.

Kartasto does not use third party frameworks to collect crash data or analytics. Generic usage data is collected using Apple’s built-in App Analytics that you can opt out of at any time.

Oma Riista service

Kartasto generates a unique UUID that identifies your device from others. This identifier and your device IP address are sent along with requests to Oma Riista API. These are only used by Oma Riista administrators when necessary, due to potential cases of misuse of the API. Oma Riista does not receive your name, email address or Apple ID username.

External map API

Any external mapping data APIs you use in Kartasto receive requests for map information from your device, with map tile coordinates which may reflect your coarse location. They may log or store those requests, along with source IP address information.