Drift app on Cloudflare

I’ve been very much enjoying running this site through Cloudflare right from the start. It gives me free HTTPS with all bells and whistles enabled (TLS 1.3 with 0-RTT, anyone?), and makes the already lightweight website load even faster. Being able to keep a tally of daily visitors doesn’t hurt either.

And just over a week ago, Cloudflare announced their app platform! I took a look and immediately saw a number of free totally useful apps, that fit my purposes nicely. The whole idea of instantly available (and previewable!) apps, served from their fast edge servers, sounds just super. They also allow quick customization of the website with HTML, CSS and Javascript, without touching the source website itself.

Since there was no way to directly communicate back to me on this static Hugo site, I now installed the Drift app in Cloudflare. The setup took under 10 minutes, and I now have a mobile friendly messaging widget on every page, complete with web push notifications and a mobile app to keep me updated.

In fact, you should see the widget right now on the lower right corner of this page. Hit me back with a private message, if you so wish!

That’s all for now, peace.